Air Conditioning

When's the last time you serviced your air conditioning?

Vehicle Air Conditioning Manchester, Rochdale, Halifax and Castleford

If you’re looking for your car air conditioning servicing in Manchester, Rochdale, Halifax or Castleford, Northern Accident Repair Centres have specialised equipment to enable us to service and repair your car's air conditioning system.

Due to the natural leakage of the air conditioning gas, you should consider having your air conditioning serviced at least every 2 years to ensure the unit is operating correctly and efficiently.

By having your car air conditioning serviced, you not only protect your health by getting rid of unhealthy bacteria that lives in the system, but you also benefit from much cooler air conditioning.

We can provide full re-gassing and cleansing services on site at competitive prices, including full recharge to improve performance, cleaning and a service to prevent smells and odours and a professional leak investigation and fault diagnosis.